We are a family of five who have decided, like an increasing number of Aussie families, to pack ourselves into a 4WD, with caravan in tow, and head out of the city to joyfully wander some of the more natural parts of Australia for a few months.



With a social media presence that, up until the launch of this page, was pushing the needle at #nonexistent, I am supremely uncomfortable with the idea of this blog. However, I recognise that my long-suffering wife probably feels an equal measure of discomfort about having to sleep in an oversized sardine tin with three small children for three months. So I figure that I should at least give this blogging business a fair crack.

As an 18-year old, I spent seven months camping around Australia. Sleeping on the ground, catching fish, riding waves, and hanging with grey nomads. It was was an experience that profoundly shaped me, and has continued to do so until this day. A few months after returning from my lap, Kim and I met at uni (we were in the same jurisprudence class). On our first date, I went on and on about my incredible trip, seeking to persuade her that it was a brilliant idea that she should put on her own ‘must-do’ list for the future. More than sixteen years later… she’s finally surrendered.


I am a recovering lawyer who works as part of a global mission to prove that justice for the poor is possible. My natural inclination for camping is zero. I love structure, routine and the day spa. I often feel guilty relaxing on holidays: I am a workaholic who, as a kid, did not take a day off school until year nine. 

I am increasingly excited about simplifying our life, being together and escaping Sydney traffic. I fear the unknown, losing control of the day to day, and being on long car trips with screaming children (and Dave). In the deepest pocket of my heart and soul I know this trip will be transformative and help shape the foundation of our family’s future.


I am a sweet seven and smashing the first grade. I am the responsible and somewhat anxious oldest child with the hugest heart. I love nature and dolphins and have watched approximately 156 hours of David Attenborough documentaries in preparation for this trip.


I am a rockin’ four year old who is excited about wagging preschool for the next three months. I have been speaking in full sentences since I was barely 12 months old so undoubtedly I will fulfil the role of official trip commentator. On this trip, I want to catch a fish that is as big as me.


I was born just short of 12 weeks ago and I am super cute. I thought my arrival may have caused my parents to postpone this crazy idea, but they didn’t. So I decided to just chill out and go with it. I am not too sure about how I feel about my car seat. My mum and dad continue to tell me that I am the most chilled out and best sleeper of the three of us… we will see…