Western Wanders


Western Wanders

in Exmouth again. Surfing it up. wandring around from beaches to whale sharks and snorkelling around. Shells  Dunes  Fish  what ever we Find.



Family Stargazers 

in the night we Explore the star’s, planets, and more. We just can’t wait to Explore. one two three or four we have Adventures Any Where!



A adventure is Exploring and that is a true passion you can have it too!



2 thoughts on “Western Wanders

  1. It was so heart warming to read Olivia’s post 🙂
    So happy for you!
    Love you so much ♡
    Sending our best wishes to your family 🙂


  2. Hey Olivia! It’s Mrs Baines here. It looks like you’re having a SPECTACULAR adventure. I love your blog post and wow, those stars! I have no words. We are missing you a whole heap in 1B. We have been writing stories, designing new classrooms and experimenting with music and sound. We can’t wait to have you back. Lots of love, Mrs Baines and 1B x


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